Architectural F: Which Floor Level?

When Architectural Space Becomes a Piece of Jewellery

This piece is an experimentation of the co-existence of an architectural structure’s 2D and 3D form, and a conveyance of an architectural concept via jewellery’s function.

The neckpiece is made up of the floor plans of a five-story structure. Each floor plan extrudes to reveal its elevation from the side. Hence, 2D and 3D of the building structure co-exists in this layout.

The staircase acts as the clasp of the neckpiece, which functions simply by inserting into a space within the structure. The insertion part can be held firmly via silver’s own tension and the coarse matte surface treatment.

As the staircase clap inserts into each floor level structure, different ways of wearing a neckpiece are provided.

Sterling silver 

Sterling silver, bamboo

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