The Elms
Family Crest+ Doorbell

Charlene Chang x Taritsi Archi

This work is an advancement of the previous family crest and doorbell design for Spring Maple Birds apartment project. I wished to carry the concept of a wall-hung painting further in this project. 

The core concept of this project is “one plus one, greater than (Elms in Chinese) two”.

Hence, besides the symbols of an Elm, the concept of “greater than” is to be brought into the design.

Continuing the layering characteristic from the previous project, the music paper script on the business card for this project is adapted to the top frame of the family crest/doorbell. The dots are hollowed for light penetration.

When viewing this work from a distance, it is like a painting. However, as soon as the sensor light above the front door lights up as people get closer, the family crest/ doorbell will instantly convert from a 2D painting to a 3D lampshade, and become a beacon guiding people home.

Stainless steel, timber

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