The Threaded Fate:
Couple Wedding Rings

This is a bespoke order of a couple’s wedding rings. The couple had met and fell in love with through their common hobby of biking. 

The client wanted wedding matching rings that resemble a time machine with symbols of bicycle that will always remind them of their story. The rings’ case would also function as an ornament that may be displayed when the rings are not worn.

I have come up with an equally divided cylindrical case with hollowed bicycle wheel pattern on two ends, which resemble the equality characteristic in their relationship as well as a visual impression of a time machine. 

As the case opens, a thread linking two parts of the case is revealed, with the couple’s wedding date engraved. Moreover, as the thread detaches from the ends, the couple’s rings may be removed from each end of the case.

The rings are designed as a part of the bicycle wheel pattern. Within the evenly distributed wheel patterns, engraved the couple’s nicknames.

Sterling silver, bronze, bamboo, glass

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